About Kargo Product Team

Kargo Product Team consists of Product Management and Product Design functions. Our main job is to build products and services to achieve Kargo’s mission, and deliver best-in-class experience for our users: shippers (small businesses, enterprise businesses, freight forwarders), transporters (truck owner operators & their drivers) and internal team (our operations, customer success, finance, and sales team).

We operate a combination of human-centered design & design thinking approach in building solutions for our customers, and promote co-creation alongside our engineers and business team. We work in a dedicated team model where each squad has a designated mission and specific outcomes to achieve (we use OKR throughout the organization). Each Product Manager and Product Designer are ideally assigned with a few Product Engineers and QA Engineers to work together.

About The Role

As Senior Product Copywriter, your job goes far beyond writing copy for a series of screens and visual elements. You will be responsible for solving problems by conducting the design discovery and delivery process for the project that you’re working on, through the copy that you write. You advocate the importance of humanizing digital products and services through copy. The goal is not just an appealing design, but a digital product and service that people would want to interact with, enhance their lives and are meaningful to them. You are also required to collaborate with fellow Design team members (Product Designers and Product Researchers), Product Managers, Engineers, as well as other departments to solve problems through innovative solutions for the product group that you are responsible for.


  • Work with Product Managers, Product Designers, and Product Researchers, and other stakeholders to design, plan, prioritise, and facilitate product discovery and delivery process throughout the entire product cycle.
  • Create clear and concise product copy for web and mobile applications in both English and Bahasa Indonesia that guides the user when navigating their way around Kargo products and services, as well as enhancing the existing product copy that we have, based on the user’s needs, business objectives, and technological considerations
  • Together with Product Researcher and Product Designer, execute user research to understand the (latent) needs of our users as well as gain insights of the user behavior and the context, to be able to identify what’s a good copy, as well as determine copywriting direction and concept that shapes the interactions between the users and our system
  • Conduct a copy-solution testing using multiple levels of prototype fidelity that you see fit for the testing purpose as well as use the collected data to improve the product copy.
  • Communicate product copywriting outputs and facilitate discussion between multiple stakeholders to gather feedback and suggestions for future iterations throughout the product life cycle
  • Drive the process to shape Kargo product copywriting/content guideline and standard in order to ensure our product copy fosters Kargo's brand voice and personality
  • Get involved in the team’s effort in empowering the team and continuously improve other more junior product copywriters’ growth through coaching, conducting product copy review / copy critique sessions. You will promote learning culture, raise the bar and be part of the success.
  • Work with the Deputy Head - Product Design and the rest of the team to scale design process and practices that enable the team build something that people need and want

Basic Qualifications

  • 3+ of working experience as hands-on digital product copywriter (mostly known as UX Writer)
  • Portfolio that showcases copywriting craft (and the application of copywriting principles) with some level of understanding of the human-centered design methodology
  • Experience working with web or mobile based technologies
  • Fluency in both Bahasa Indonesia and English communications (both spoken and written, with good grammar)
  • A deep sense of accountability, adaptability, and embracing ambiguity working collaboratively in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to form consensus across a broad, fast-moving organization through excellent communication and interpersonal skills (including: presentation, constructive feedback, and managing stakeholders expectations)

Bonus Points

  • Have some design sensibility and the ability to integrate between copy and design, as well as how to apply a brand personality to digital product ecosystem through copywriting
  • Experience in designing digital product for Logistics Solutions product and/or B2B SaaS company
  • Experience in building/working on Content/Copy Style Guide

You’ll Be A Perfect Fit If:

We are looking for people who live and breath Kargo’s cultural values and internalize those values in their work as designers and product leaders:

  • Customer obsessed. You get your hands dirty by talking and listening to your customers, then learn from their pain points and feedback. You bring customer voice in meeting rooms and replace opinions with data and insights.
  • First-principle thinker. You love problems and are dedicated to solving the root cause, not just the symptoms. You guide the team to build products that drive outcome, not just output.
  • Big bold bets. You think long term and optimize for moonshot ideas that will disrupt logistics innovation, while using data to test your hypothesis.
  • Let the best ideas win. You are a good listener and collaborator that brings the best of everyone, you embrace thoughtful disagreements while fully committing to the final collective decision.
  • Do more with less. You can work under constraint while still striving for optimum results. You are smart about prioritizing resources, and laser focused on achieving what matters most.
  • Act like an owner. You go above and beyond by challenging the team to own the success together. You don’t care whether it’s your job or not, you’ll make it happen.