Kargo’s engineers develop cutting edge technology that reshape logistics industry in Indonesia, connecting shippers and transporters in transparent environment and making their life much easier. We are looking for engineers who bring fresh perspectives from all areas such as large-scale system design, distributed computing, networking and data storage, security, UI design, mobile design, information retrieval and many upcoming new areas. You will work in a special assigned squad that will build groundbreaking technologies to improve logistics industry in Indonesia and later, South East Asia. Our engineering vision is to establish Silicon Valley’s engineering standard in Indonesia. You believe in that vision, understand the benefits and fully committed to achieve it together with the team!

Kargo is seeking security engineers who love to listen to the customers, working as a team and proactively ignite the team into motion whenever necessary. You will work in a small squad creating industry-leading features which will revolutionize the logistics industry in Indonesia. As Penetration Tester, you will utilize your skills to simulate cyber-attacks with the purpose of identifying gaps in our content and products. With a good understanding of cyber attacks, you will work closely with blue team, infrastructure engineers and architects to help make our existing and new products more robust against a wide variety of attack scenarios. You will utilize and build tools and automation with the goal of subverting our products. Help us to improve processes and procedures for validation and measurement.

Who you are and what you’ll do

  • Implement different attack scenarios for manual and automated Red Team tests.
  • Design & develop automated test cases and frameworks to test against content and products
  • Develop automation to generate detection efficacy and gap analysis reports.
  • Present your analysis and risk assessment. Coordinate efforts with stakeholders to drive closing of identified gaps. Advise on methods to fix or lower security risks to systems.
  • Perform competitive analysis of our products using standard industry methodologies
  • Maintain a repository of attack tools and generate samples with each of them to help content teams improve coverage. Develop automation grammar, test plans and execution criteria for directed testing.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in penetration testing
  • You have strong Shell scripting using Bash, Python, Go
  • Extensive knowledge of attack tools is preferred
  • Experience in conducting red teaming exercises and building automation and related test infrastructure.
  • You think outside the box and find innovative ways to by-pass tools. A hacker mindset with a knack for picking up skills quickly.