At Kargo, we are all bunch of first principle thinkers who are trying to solve the hardest logistics problems in Indonesia. We take on the big problem which is worth more than 25% of total Indonesia’s GDP. We are hungry to solve the most challenging and complex problems to disrupt the massive $250 billion logistics industry, making it much more efficient with technology, helping economies to grow, and ultimately improving quality of many people’s lives!

If joining a world-class team and working with the most talented and brightest people in Indonesia is a thing that you’re into, ride together with Kargo Technologies and move Indonesia forward!

Our Values

  • Customer Obsessed

    Customers are at the heart of Kargo

  • First Principles Thinker

    We get to the root of every problem, ask tough questions, and never jump to conclusions

  • Let the Best Ideas Win

    Everyone is empowered to speak up and may the best idea wins

  • Act Like an Owner

    When we see a problem, we own and fix it

  • Do More with Less

    We are effective and efficient

  • Big Bold Bets

    Reimagine the possible without being constrained by the status quo

  • Tiffany Budiman

    Senior Product Designer

    “ At Kargo, every day poses new challenges that impact both the business and user. Being part of solving these problems to bring impact to both parties is so rewarding. ”

  • Ankita Satpathy

    Strategy Manager

    “ Every day I’m faced with challenges to scale and grow the business. I’m grateful that I work with people that navigate complex variables and make decisions to drive the company forward. ”

  • Rangga Husnaprawira

    Head of Product

    “ Kargo’s ‘first-principle thinker’ culture has inspired me to build a team that loves problems, not solutions. I’m amazed by everyone’s intellectual rigor and passion to build products that people love. ”




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