About Kargo Product Team

Kargo Product Team consists of Product Management and Product Design functions. Our main job is to build products and services to achieve Kargo’s mission, and deliver best-in-class experience for our users: shippers (small businesses, enterprise businesses, freight forwarders), transporters (truck owner operators & their drivers) and internal team (our operations, customer success, finance, and sales team).

We operate a combination of human-centered design & design thinking approach in building solutions for our customers, and promote co-creation alongside our engineers and business team. We work in a dedicated team model where each squad has a designated mission and specific outcomes to achieve (we use OKR throughout the organization). Each Product Manager and Product Designer are ideally assigned with a few Product Engineers and QA Engineers to work together.

About The Role

As the design leader of Shipper Group, you will be responsible to lead the end-to-end design discovery and delivery process for the group. Shipper is the demand side of the marketplace (small / medium businesses, enterprise businesses, freight forwarders) who needs trucking services from the supply side (the transporters i.e. truck owners operators).

Shipper Group products are built around our centralized shipper platform that serves all shippers — big and small. Under your group, there will be a few squads working on different focus areas around the shipper lifecycle. The span of work covers the following but not limited to: acquisition and growth of shippers in our marketplace, overall shipper experience in shipping with Kargo, shipper engagement and retention, as well as tech solutions adoption.

As a people manager, you will be expected to invest in the development of your team by helping to define clear development plans and expectations while also holding each Product Designer accountable for success. Additionally, you'll need to provide resources, coaching, and regular, actionable feedback.


  • Collaborate in defining product vision, OKR and strategy Together with the product leadership, you will define product vision and strategies for large, ambiguous product areas under Shipper Group. You will help guide your team on how to maximize impact of those strategies by using data and research to create effective execution through product design initiatives
  • Be the voice of customers in setting company strategy. You will be part of a strategic leadership discussion to define the company's direction, priorities and focus. You will rally and align the team to always start with customers and work backwards.
  • Lead the team in the exploration and validation. This covers problem-solution fit, product-market fit, and scale of Shipper Group product portfolio — depending on each product’s stage. You will identify opportunities, assess fit, and de-risk overall direction for Shipper Group through research, experimentation, and validation
  • Be an active member of the design leadership group. You will communicate cross-functionally and build strong relationships with product management, engineering, business, and design leadership.
  • Scale design processes and practices. You will work with the team to set up the most efficient process and toolkit that can enable our team to build something people want: at scale, as efficient as possible. You will also help us build and iterate our design system.
  • Be an evangelist. You will evangelize your vision and product narrative for the Shipper Group throughout Kargo organization and ensure it is in line with other product groups as we are trying to build a holistic logistics ecosystem. You will actively articulate and evangelize our design work inside and outside the company; sharing its work, successes or learnings, vision and value.
  • Coach and grow the next generation of design leaders. You will empower the team and continuously improve their growth through design review / critique sessions. You will promote learning culture, raise the bar and be part of the process.
  • Attract and hire strong design talents. Portions of your time will be expected to be spent on actively seeking the best design talents in the industry. You will work with product leadership to work on employer branding initiatives and work with our recruiters to bring in new hires from all levels and help yourself scale.

Basic Qualifications

  • 5 years of product design & design leadership experience
  • Experience in managing a team of Product Designers (>5 PDs)
  • Experience in hiring and growing teams

Bonus Points

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science / Design / HCI other relevant fields
  • Fluent/native Bahasa Indonesia speaker
  • Previous service design experience

You’ll Be A Perfect Fit If:

We are looking for leaders who live and breath Kargo’s cultural values and internalize those values in their work as a product leader:

  • Customer obsessed. You get your hands dirty by talking and listening to your customers, then learn from their pain points and feedback. You bring customer voice in meeting rooms and replace opinions with data and insights.
  • First-principle thinker. You love problems and are dedicated to solving the root cause, not just the symptoms. You guide the team to build products that drive outcome, not just output.
  • Big bold bets. You think long term and optimize for moonshot ideas that will disrupt logistics innovation, while using data to test your hypothesis.
  • Let the best ideas win. You are a good listener and collaborator that brings the best of everyone, you embrace thoughtful disagreements while fully committing to the final collective decision.
  • Do more with less. You can work under constraint while still striving for optimum results. You are smart about prioritizing resources, and laser focused to achieving what matters most.
  • Act like an owner. You go above and beyond by challenging the team to own the success together. You don’t care whether it’s your job or not, you’ll make it happen.