1. Generate E2E Customized Routing Flow for Each Shipper & Projects
  2. Create Process Flow for Routing System
  3. Establish and Maintain Proper Documentation for Each Shipper Project
  4. Handle Day to Day Routing & Shipment Escalations
  5. Weekly 1v1 with Team members
  6. Team Project Onboarding Meeting
  7. Routing System Review & Analysis, Based on Historical Routing Data
  8. Product Scoping for Routing Product Launch & Improvements
  9. Project Review Meeting
  10. Handle Day to Day Routing & Shipment Escalations


  1. Familiar with Ms. Office (word, excel, etc..)
  2. Tech Savvy
  3. Based in Jabodetabek Area
  4. Fluent in Bahasa and English
  5. Good Communication Skill
  6. Familiar with Gsheet Formula
  7. Experience Working with Softwares & Technical Dashboards Preferable