Operations Specialist / Associate - Routing Lead

This position requires you to be able to think technically for the routing algorithm & processes side; whilst also handling project management & team management responsibilities from the routing team’s perspective. This will give you the exposure to work with external parties & relationship management. If you are someone who enjoys working on a technical problem, but also wants to learn the soft skills of team & relationship management, this position is for you!


  • Establishing routing system and routing algorithm with data team
  • Routing documentation for tracking & data gathering to further validate routing algorithm
  • Routing System Review & Analysis, based on historical routing data
  • Generate e2e routing flow for customers’ customised needs
  • Product Scoping for routing product launch & improvements
  • Team Project Onboarding Meeting
  • Handle day to day routing & shipment escalations
  • Weekly 1v1s with team members


  • You are excited to solve difficult problems
  • You have a thorough knowledge of excel, spreadsheets, and preferably basic SQL; and are eager to learn more regarding data analytics platforms
  • You want to have the exposure to work with external parties
  • You also want to have the challenge of leading your own team - preferably with the experience in handling teams previously
  • You have had the exposure of friction handling / customer support