Job Description

To provide transparency and transform logistics industry in Indonesia into a better shape is our core mission—the first thing that we have to do is to connect great shippers with high-quality vendors in trustworthy and transparent environment. Your experiences and knowledge about logistics industry will help our operations team to grow exponentially. With your relationship-building skills, you provide broad networking within the logistics industry, anticipate the industry practices, persistently execute and drive various growth initiatives.

Kargo is seeking Operations Managers who are analytical, business savvy, data driven, innovative in developing growth strategies and able to influence different stakeholder within the company. You will develop and lead innovative initiatives to drive cost effective user growth and passionate about scaling up our platform. You will be working with different internal stakeholders and engage them to push projects forward. Be it Business Development, Operations or Data Analysis, you will take them on!

This role requires you to wear multiple hats to get things done.

Who you are and what you’ll do:

  • First principles thinker. You will understand ‘the logistics game’ to the core. You will understand the shippers, transporters, truck drivers, brokers and other practitioners in the industry—figuring out how to help them with our products and educate them to change their habits in the industry.
  • Self-driven. You will handle business development, operations, data analytics and many unknown hats to get things done. You are comfortable and understand on how important and beneficial wearing multiple hats for the company and your own personal growth.
  • Data-driven. You are obsessed with data. You generate every idea and decision based on fact, data and logical assumptions.
  • Customer obsessed. You can roll up your sleeves and be on the front lines to assist active shipments, coordinating customer shipment needs between external and internal teams. You will spearhead the business operations process, ensuring the shipments are executed according to customer specifications.
  • Let the best ideas win. You are an open-minded person. You will give and solicit feedback from the team, customers and other stakeholders in the company.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 8 years of operations management, business consulting, or related experience managing operations/logistics, building and leading diverse teams, developing and optimizing processes, and achieving operational goals; some entrepreneurial experience is preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal skills. Ability to build relationships with cross-functional colleagues and external partners, lead and manage a team, and create a hard-working and fun workplace.
  • Strong “Get It Done” attitude.
  • Excellent organization and time management for yourself and your employees.
  • Clear Communicator. You are a clear and concise communicator with the ability to synthesize a lot of information quickly and highlight the key insights.